How to write poems

how to write poems

How to write poems, and why such. One of the reasons why i love poems is that it can narrate a full history in space of two lines. How interesting?  Arguably, one of the genres on literature which i can write with ease is poetry. In my past articles, i tend to show the various types of poetry you can click here, so to get a proper view. Remember all knowledge is not lost. Sometimes, a lot of people will complain of how stressful poetry can ever be. Maybe because of the figurative language it portrays. Let me give you a brief story about my career.

When I was little, i was actually wanted to become a doctor. I had a little passion for literature; although I love reading novels, but that was just a part of my hobby. DO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WRITING IS MORE THAN JUST A HOBBY? CLICK HERE.

Unfortunately for me, I started with my first poem titled “despair”. how to write poems in this current dispensation? You want to know how it came about. Let’s jet… for those of you who want to read the poem, CLICK HERE.

How to write poems

1. READ POEMS: in case you are rather confuse, that means you missed my past article on how reading can affect your writing skill CLICK HERE.

2. LIVE IN YOUR OWN PLANET: Totally crazy! Am getting out of here, you might say. Wait for a while, am not an alien.

As I would often say to people, poets create their own world, only few live in it. Before poetry can appeal to you, you must understand how to leave earth, to your own planet. You can be in Asgard if you wish.  The reason why you cannot understand poetry is because you read poems with your literal eyes. Sometimes, before you can grasp what a poet is talking about, you need to think out of the box; because literally, it doesn’t make sense!

3. THINK LIKE A POET: well how do poets think? They think like crazy people. Insane! If you can say it louder. Poet’s doesn’t make sense. When you read the metaphysical poetry, you will see what am talking about. CLICK HERE.

4. THINK OUTSIDE YOUR FIVE SENSE ORGAN: Sense of touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing. Have you ever read a poem and the poet’s words were: “I CAN SMELL YOUR LOVE, IN A DEEP BLUE STORM”. If you still focus on your five sense organ, you will miss the message; because of how it divert people’s knowledge. Well I wrote about having your own planet, so don’t blame me.

5. UNDERSTAND THE ATMOSPHERE: Feel the wind, and lend your sales, as the sailor sails. Writing a well constructed poem, requires a calm and cool atmosphere; except you are used to pressure. It has been observed that most writer’s write mainly at night, so to avoid distraction. Most students read at night. (In case you don’t know how to wake up at night, CLICK HERE)



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