7 ways reading can affect your writing skill

Writing actually start with reading, and am going to share with you how reading actually help improve your writing skill.

What!, I cant even finish a novel. do you actually mean real deal? No, reading. Every work that you are about to write, must first be studied. you plan on writing novels? Then read novels. How about writing a book on business? Absolutely, get yourself books pertaining to business. Now you might be asking what about poetry? Go get yourself poems! Now i have to be precise that people have gone ahead of you on the area you are about to venture; you need to enlighten yourself, so others can follow your steps. Hope you are following? Any doubt? Now read this short story of mine:

I started writing poems, back then since 2013. Can i actually shock you? I had hated poetry prior before that time. I think people around me can easily figure out that i wasn’t suppose to be an art student. Of course, i started reading poems. I was wild in it and wrote my first poem, which was titled “Despair”. because of that act, i can write poems within minutes.I actually wrote a poem about excess sleep to a friend of mine in 20 minutes, and she screamed “Chris you are amazing” I smiled. If only she has known that i had spent years reading poems. now you are getting it. i can perceive that. if not, let me list out seven ways in which reading can improve your writing skill. Hey, pick up your pen and notebook the journey is about to begin!

  • It enables you to write with ease, not trying to figure out how to start or what to do.
  • Reading broadens your knowledge and allow insight to manifest. Eventually, reading propels you to know certain areas which you can share in your work.
  • It makes you current. (which every writer must not despise)


  • Reading makes your writing exciting. people easily get bored when they cannot understand the point you are trying to prove.
  • It sharpens your writing ability; basically, the more you read, the more you know where the errors lie; of course it actually do.
  • It makes you a good thinker. (which am going to share very soon)
  • It makes you a trail blaze, thereby setting you ahead of other writers. (great writers who set the pace, are readers)

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