5 Fact to Note After Seeing Your Jamb Result 2019

2019 Jamb result is out and lots of student don’t know the next step to take, probably they didn’t meat their required Jamb score, but not to worry this article will help you as lots of questions are already driving through your mind.

1. Performance of Students in Jamb:

The higher the performance of students in Jamb, the higher the cut off the mark. This is one reason we cannot easily predict the Jamb cut off until results are out.

The more candidates pass well in Jamb and post utme, the higher the general, faculty and departmental cut off.

Last year’s cut of mark for your course will likely not be the cut of mark to be used this year (Since the performance of candidates change yearly).

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2. Nature of Your Course Generally:

Hotcake Courses in Nigeria like Medicine And Surgery, Pharmacy, Engineering, Law, Accounting and so on require you to get a higher Jamb score.

However, newer and less competitive courses like entrepreneurship, mathematics, etc require relatively low Jamb UTME score. This is because only a few candidates apply to study such courses in the universities.

If you are not extremely intelligent, your best bet is to study courses that so many persons don’t apply for. With this, it is very easy for you to gain admission once.

3. The Competition of the Course in your choice University:

Some Universities are known to be good some courses. Because of this, the demand for it in that particular school gets higher than in other schools.

For example FUTO, UI and UNIBEN are known to be good at Engineering, AAU is know for Law and Uniben for Pharmacy (Since they offer doctor of Pharmacy certificate). You will expect the cut of mark for those courses in these schoolsto be higher than it is in other citadels of learning.

4. The Number of students to be admitted:

The higher the carrying capacity of a University, the more they are willing to admit. This will increase the chance of being admitted with a relatively low score.

Some Universities admit over ten thousand candidates while others admit even below four thousand candidates.

5. Admission Factors:

Admission factors such as Merit, Catchment and Educationally less developed States determines the Jamb score you need to be admitted. Cut off for merit is usually the highest. With a relatively low score, you can be admitted based on State and catchment.

Jamb Score You Need:

Although the above factors are responsible for the Jamb score you need to be sure of admission, yet we have studied the cut off curve over time.

  1. With a score above 250 to 280, You have a chance of being admitted to study a competitive course.
  2. With a Jamb score of 200 to 250, You have a chance of getting a moderately competitive course.
  3. A score of 290+ should guarantee you admission to study any course.


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